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Many summer programs offer one approach: Keeping your child safe and moderately entertained – usually not largely from an educational standpoint. Out of this fact, the idea of Camp Future was born -- to assemble multiple internet-enabled educational partners dedicated to engaging with the internet-enabled generation to provide thoughtful instruction and key mentorship which will promote success when applied later on.

Camp Future is a multi-layered educational summer camp dedicated to empowering rising middle schoolers with mentorship and instruction in four key areas. At Fuel The Future, we are committed to fostering education agency through intriguing hands-on experiences. Our educational output will never compromise your child's educational effort in exchange for maximizing legacy curricula programming designed to bolster standardized testing results. At Camp Future, there are no tests -- just oppurtunities.

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Educational Partners

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Financial Literacy
Seedlyng Financial Literacy is a blended learning solution using a mobile app and a web-based interface ensuring even complex finance topics are made accessible
Participants will be able to design, build, and code LEGO Mindstorm robots as well as compete with other kids for an ultimate competition
AEYL Mentorship
Alliance of Elite Youth Leadership  is rooted in building strong foundations of self growth for each community member they aim to serve

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In-House EdTech Coding Platform

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Camp Future includes software platforms developed in-house.

Multiple Scholarships to be Awarded.

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